About me


You may feel puzzled and confused about what happens in psychotherapy. “Do I deal with a specific ‘problem’ that is frequently at the forefront of my mind or is it about developing a better understanding of what makes me who I am?” I believe that all problems that seem to defy solutions are directly affected – even determined – by how you experience and relate to yourself and others. Exploring the psychological meaning and emotional sense you attach to your specific internal struggles, feelings, and experiences can bring new insights and creative changes to your life. I am deeply committed to facilitating a safe, trusting relationship that can help you heal, grow, and become more fully yourself. I work with a wide range of individuals and couples, focusing on helping people create healthy and fulfilling lives in their internal and external worlds. My experience includes working with people who may seek increased clarity in their everyday lives as well as with people who may feel that anxiety, depression, or past trauma is hindering them from achieving their goals.

As a result of my work with couples, I have developed sensitivity to a relationship’s areas of tension and the expertise to guide couples toward more mature ways of relating to each other. Regardless of the challenges my clients might face, I am very passionate about finding a way of guiding their growth and achievement in whatever they feel is important for them. I welcome clients with diverse backgrounds and needs.